Litany of Biblical Sisterhood

Written Feb 2017

We laugh with our sister Sarah, overwhelmed by God’s greatness and timing.

We quake in fear with our unnamed sister in Judges, knowing that so many women’s bodies are controlled by others while their lives are protected by none.

We pray with our sister Mary, hope and fear mingling magnificently in our songs of joy.

We carry multilayered lives like our sister in Proverbs, we move in juggle many roles in order to get the job done.

We reach out to try to shield our sisters Tamar, Bathsheba, Dinah, and all our who are raped, we seek to protect their bodies and guard their names from cruel and needless shaming.

We sing with our sister Miriam, for we know who has brought us safe thus far.

We weep with our sisters in exile, for as they mourned their lost children on the banks of Babylon, we too know mourning and the pain of displacement.

We witness with our sister Anna, we seek to see the Holy and are willing to make it our life’s calling.

We are brave like our sister Rahab, rising above our circumstances and become part of the narrative of the faithful.

We challenge the powers like our sister from Syro-Phoenicia, creatively working to get what we need, standing in opposition to those who stop us from providing.

We resist prejudice and murder our sisters Shiprah and Puah, standing up against the powerful few, saying no to laws based on the –isms of the culture.

We rise to the occasion with our sister Esther, being prepared for “such a time as this” when called to work to protect our people

We reach out and insist on being seen like our unnamed sister who bled for 12 years, advocating for the healthcare that we deserve.

We cry tears that heal and anoint like our sister who cried at the feet of Jesus, knowing that human touch can be more healing and powerful than any number of words.

We recognize the divine within the other like our sister Elizabeth, we bless our sisters and provide space for them to grow and develop in comfort and safety

We use our great wisdom like our sister Deborah, we lead from the front lines, not sending people into battles we wouldn’t go with them into.

We are gathered together by God our mother, creator, redeemer and Breath of fire in this world, in whose womb we were all formed.  Let us worship God


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