Candle Prayer (a reflective peace after a class trip to Guatemala in 2013)

East: (Red)

Like the sun and the cycles in nature, we begin our prayer looking towards the east.  We thank God for the sun that brings hope and life with it as it appears each morning.  We ask blessing for people at the beginning of new life.  For babies, new to this world, and the families who are learning alongside them as they grow.  For people who have been given a new chance at life after disease, addiction, depression, or anything else that had prohibited growth and health.  We thank you, oh Lord, for the very blood that flows throughout our veins, circulating life through us.

For the presence of God at the time of beginnings

Lord, hear our prayers.

West: (Black)

As we turn to the west, we pray for those who are at the sunset of their lives.  For people who have recently died and for the ones mourning the loss.  We pray for peace and comfort for the people in this world who are near death.  May they have the strength and the faith in you, God, to face death as another stage in life and may your comforting arms embrace them as well as the ones they are leaving behind.  If we try to reject death, we fool ourselves, and we rob ourselves of the true beauty that can be found in life.

For the presence of God at the time of endings

Lord, hear our prayers.

North: (White)

From the north comes the ruach, the breath of life, the wind that scatters the seeds across the fields, giving life.  God, we pray for your breath of life to be upon us, and your children in every nation, breathing out peace where there has been violence, exhaling justice where there is tyranny and persecution.  Sustain this world as we sigh, waiting for your kingdom.

For the presence of God as felt through the life-giving wind

Lord, hear our prayers

South: (Yellow)

From the south comes the seed.  Without seeds, without the cycles of growth, there would be chaos.  We all come from and are sustained by seeds.  Let us pray to God, giving thanks for that which sustains us, and praying for those who still seek the sustenance essential to life.  For those who are hungry for food and thirsty for water, along with those whose hunger is for justice and thirst is for recognition of rights.

For the presence of God in the seeds that will one day grow into the plants, animals, and people of this world

Lord, hear our prayers

Center: (Green, nature and material energy) (Blue, spiritual energy)

In the center, we recognize the undividable nature of the spiritual and the physical worlds.  Of the Heavens and the Earth, tied together and unified.  Even though they are represented by two candles, the blue of the spirits and the green of nature and material energy are together, connecting the heavens and the earth as Christ did.  Let us pray together for the unification of the heavens of the earth and the time of the Kingdom of God to come and make us connected fully to the spiritual and the physical of this world.

For the presence of God in the struggle to unify the spiritual and physical world we live in and in the pursuit of a unified Kingdom of God

Lord, hear our prayers


*This poem is found as a resource in by Dr. Paul Galbreath (Leading Into the World, 2014)


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